Why Travelers Love Kokoda Track & Notes to Pay Attention To

By | December 20, 2021

For those who are looking for an adventure, then try out trailing the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea. This is not any ordinary track because it is quite 96 kilometers long and challenging especially for those who are new to this activity. However, once you accomplish the track, everything is just worth it.

Reasons to Try the Kokoda Track

Compared to other tracks in the world, the Kokoda Track may not be as popular. However, this track is no less challenging or beautiful compared to other tracks in the world. So, if you are looking for a good challenge, here are some reasons why you should try the track:

1. Challenging

The first thing that visitors must know about this track is that it is not easy at all. Therefore, visitors must prepare themselves before attempting the track. If Mount Everest Basecamp has a difficulty score of 10/10, then this track is around 7/10. One of the factors that make this track hard is because it is full of hills and everything is still original or still full of nature.

2. The Story Behind the Track

To most visitors, this track may just be an attraction. However, to Australian citizens, this track is more than that because it contains important history from the past. Throughout the track, visitors can also see the monument and places where the histories happened.

For those who don’t know, this area was one of the battle areas between the Japanese Army and the Australian military. The battle happened for around for months, ending up with hundreds of Australians dying and thousands of them wounded. Therefore, rather than just an attraction, the track is an important history for Australian people.

3. Friendly Culture & People

When you cross the Kokoda Track, you’ll also be crossing many villages, therefore it is potential local people. Luckily most of the local people in PNG are very friendly and helpful, especially if you need their help. During the travel, people will not only be able to meet them but also learn the culture and history too.

4. Beautiful Scenery

Even though hiking can be tiring, however everything you see throughout the journey is worth the energy. Other than tall trees, people can see spectacular butterflies, flowing rivers to clean refreshing water. Then, when you reach up to 2.000 meters, you can see the area around the track from a higher or different view.

Things to Pay Attention To

Even though this track is open to the public, there are some points people need to know and pay attention to before starting the journey. First, make sure to be respectful when you cross local villages and people. You can greet them by smiling or by giving a gentle handshake. If you happen to need anything or do something around the village then do ask for permission.

Now to give minimal impacts on the track, make sure to stay on the track and not go wider. If you do, it will just make it muddier and harder for other visitors. Next, try not to ruin any plants around by tying tents around trees or stepping on them on purpose. Most important of all, make sure to not leave any rubbish behind, especially in the jungle.

The Kokoda Track is the perfect place for those who love challenge, nature, and culture as one. In this place, you will not only hike a challenging track but also get to learn the history behind the track. Last, people can also learn the cultures of the local people and get to see the beautiful scenery of the jungle!

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