Yumuri Valley Jeep Safari and All Things You Need to Know

By | December 18, 2021

Traveling to Cuba will lead you to an unforgettable trip. There are a lot of attractive things to do, places to go, and sites to visit. Should you ever plan to Cuba, Yumuri Valley Jeep Safari is a must-try. Here are things you need to know about this attraction:

1. Take an Adventure in a Jeep

Yumuri Valley Jeep Safari will take you to heart-pumping activity, jeep adventure. It is a full-day tour that will take you to the Cuban countryside. If you want to see and feel the real Cuba, then this activity is a must-do. Your jeep will take you to Yumuri Valley where you can see exotic villages, hills, and foliage. Besides, you will also enjoy swimming inside the cavern, snorkeling, and enjoying the local culture.

2. Activity Detail

It starts with a bus picking you up at the hotel and then taking you to the departure point. There, the jeep is waiting for you to jump in and drive. Yes! You’ll be driving on your own to cross more than 150 km of adventurous routes. You will pass dirt roads, embankments, quarries, rural villages, and exotic palm groves.

The main destination is Valle de Yumuri where you will be stopped at 9666 ha of the nature reserve. In this nature reserve, you will see abounding endemic flora and fauna. What is more relaxing is that the landscape is filled with Royal Palms, the National Tree of Cuba. Your journey is well paid with a very welcome host, Rancho Gaviota.

3. Exploring Valle de Yumuri

Your stop will be more special with unforgettable nature activities. A tour guide will accompany you during your visit to this cultivated field. They will take you to the farmhouse where you can feed animals and enjoy the landscape. The Abounding Royal Palm that fills the landscape feels like it escorts you during the trip.

You can also enjoy exploring the valley on horseback as well as blending with the local community. Most of all, your stomach will be pleased with a delicate Cuban lunch. Furthermore, your journey will also take you to experience Matanzas, The City of Bridges to get to know its history and culture.

4. Snorkeling Included

Your activity is not about exploring the enchanting landscapes and feeding breeding animals but also other nature activities. The trip includes snorkeling at Playa Coral. Don’t worry about the equipment because it has been provided for you. Take your time to enjoy wonderful coral at this exotic watery.

5. Visit Saturn Cave

Visiting the cave is also in the package. The trip is completed with a visit to Saturn Cave where you can enjoy swimming inside the huge, flooded cavern. Stalactite and stalagmite surround you as you dive into the deep water. Fish and rock formation makes this activity even more magical.

Seal the day back in your jeep and drive back to the depot. There, just sit tight and relax while the bus will take you back to the hotel. So, if you want to experience Yumuri Valley Jeep Safari, prefer to book in advance. But notice that this trip does not include a tip, medical insurance, and another service that the tour doesn’t mention in the description. 

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